Aerial & Satellite

Aerial & Satellite Installation

Davids Satellite is well recognized in TV Aerial & Satellite installers in Kenya. From new aerials, repairs, and satellite installations to full distribution systems and Digital TV systems, we are there for you. We deal with all aspects of TV and Satellite reception. Our Technicians are available Monday – Saturday.

Any type of aerial or satellite work undertaken. Whether its just a plug or a full system we can do it for you.

Quality installation at a fair price with a Double Guarantee from the Confederation of Aerial Industries.

For commercial installation. We make neat and precise installations with fewer aerials and dishes for terrestrial and satellite reception

Alarms & Accessories

David Satellite Limited specializes in car security, car alarms, and convenience feature packages for your car, truck, SUV or motorcycle. We offer a full line of world class car alarms that include top brand car security systems. David Satellite Ltd. offers all the highest technologically advanced car security products and car alarms available today.

David Satellite Limited has everything you need for professional car alarms including door detection, backup battery, flashing parking lights, power trunk release, smartphone convenience, vehicle tilt sensor, remote start, and much more. For expert car alarm and auto security installation, call us and rest easy.