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Davids Satellite Limited seeks to help people and organizations to manage their property effectively while using the latest communication technologies. Our main objective is to provide high-quality services. By doing this we ensure the peace of mind of our clients.

We have a professional team with strong background of communications technologies (GSM, 3G, GPS), electronics and software systems.

  • To continuously improve quality management system;
  • To foresee and set the demand of clients;
  • ¬†Systemically improve the qualification of employees;
  • To affirm responsibility of each employee according to duties and competence.

Vehicle Tracking

Davids Satellite vehicle monitoring platform allows you to track and operate your fleet 24/7. You just need to login to our system from any computer with the internet using your given password and you can check the vital information.


Fleet Management Solution


Aerial & Satellite Installation

Davids Satellite is well recognized in TV Aerial & Satellite installers in Kenya. From new aerials, repairs, and satellite installations to full distribution systems and Digital TV systems, we are there for you. We deal with all aspects of TV and Satellite reception.

David's Satellite LTD


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P.O. Box: 86370, Nairobi, Kenya
+254 701 855 000, +254 722 769 111, +254 733 855 753