Fleet Management Solution

Fleet monitoring and control

Real-time information on vehicle, driver, and cargo enables transport managers to make better decisions that contribute to business growth and success. Davids Satellite GPS tracking device system creates a solution that is suitable for all fleet types and sizes.

Fuel Monitoring and Control

Fuel costs can account for one-third of all fleet operation costs. For a fleet to be effective and achieve maximum profitability a continuous fuel monitoring and control solution is a must. Davids Satellite fuel monitoring and control solution provides companies with detailed fuel information and enables them to control and optimize their fuel costs.

  • Fuel tank control
  • Instant notifications
  • Fuel theft protection – Reports and analytics

Vehicle and Cargo Security

Commercial vehicles and the cargoes they carry are expensive assets that can cause serious financial damage to the business if they are not well protected. This solution has a set of various features and assets to improve the security of vehicle and cargo.

  • Cargo security
  • Vehicle safety


This solution processes trip data and creates insights into possible improvements for increasing fleet performance.

Fuel savings and control

Bad driving habits such as harsh braking or acceleration, idling, or speeding waste fuel and increase its consumption. The Eco-drive solution identifies these bad habits and shows how an employee driving style should change in order to save fuel.

Driver behavior and motivation

Detailed trip information permits the ranking of drivers by safety or fuel efficiency and the creation of a salary system based on their performance. This can be used to motivate drivers and improve their driving style.

Secure cargo and passengers

A safer and more relaxed driving style also contributes to the safety of the vehicle, cargo and driver by reducing the risk of accidents. Moreover, it creates a better experience for passengers and prolongs the life of the vehicle.